High-Minded Holiday Gifts 2009: Banana Protection

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From Basem’s Motorcycles Blog, Monday December 7, 2009:

Aerostich Offers Ultimate Banana Protection ($6.00)

banana-200GPS? Check. Saddlebags? Check. Banana Guard…. huh?

Aerostich are purveyors of fine touring accoutrement and equally fine April Fool’s pranks– remember their Remote Control Zipper Sliders, Krilion 2 glow-in-the-dark spray, and “Radical Cruiser” clothing line with “Insect deflecting carbon fiber conchos”?

This time, though, their “Banana Guard” adds a touch of the surreal to everyday motorcycling… at least I think it does, since I managed to add it to my shopping cart, but didn’t have the nerve to actually try buying it. If it is indeed real, however, is there anything else a potassium-deprived touring fanatic could want for the holidays?