High-Minded Holiday Gifts 2009: The Prank Books of John Austin

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The prank books of toy designer John Austin:


Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare ($11.53 on Amazon)
This humorous MacGyver inspired tactical guide illustrates the full potential of everyday items and their lethal potential to be transformed into a menacing arsenal. Learn to build Shoelace Darts, Clothespin Catapult, Penny Bombs, Airsoft Pen Poppers, Ping Pong Zookas and thirty more inexpensive Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks ($10.19 on Amazon)
Perfect for every cubicle drone whose eyes are beginning to glaze over from fluorescent lighting and too many burned cups of coffee, Cubicle Warfare has 101 office pranks and traps that will erase office boredom during the daily grind once and for all.

Prank University: The Ultimate Guide to College’s Greatest Tradition ($10.76 on Amazon)
Welcome to Prank University! Here are 100 essential pranks”” from classics such as Doorbell Drench and Silly-String Sleep to more modern operations like Quick Leg Shave, Wasabi Paste, and Plastic Forking. Step-by-step instructions and ingenious diagrams make these diabolical schemes all too easy. An icon system denotes prank difficulty as well as the number of accomplices needed, costs involved (if any), and whether to film the event for posterity.

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