High-Minded Holiday Gifts 2009: Guerilla Art Kit

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From Make: Mischief Maker’s Gift Guide:

guerillaartkit-200The Guerilla Art Kit ($13.57 on Amazon)

MAKE contributing writer John Baichtal reviewed this seemingly awesome Guerilla Art Kit over at GeekDad:

Whether it’s marginalia, notes shoved in library books, randomly mailed postcards, moss graffiti, fortune cookie fortunes shoved into random locations, Smith has ideas for subtly touching the world around us. There are chapters covering guerrilla etiquette, stencil making, rubber stamps, stickers, and formulating environmentally benign poster glue. I was bowled over by the chapter on guerrilla gardening. Imagine beautifying a rundown neighborhood by scattering wildflower seeds in sidewalk cracks, empty planters, and fenced off industrial lots.

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