Lou Dobbs Takes a Crapshot

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Questions Surrounding Dobbs’ Gunfire Incident Cast Doubt on CNN’s Credibility
by Roberto Lovato
Huffington Post
October 30, 2009

lou-dobbs-200Conflicting reports about a bullet that hit the top of Lou Dobbs’ house in Sussex, New Jersey, are raising new and serious questions about the credibility of Lou Dobbs, CNN and its President, Jon Klein. Reports in the New York Post and here on the Huffington Post now indicate that the bullet was likely a hunter’s errant shot. Yet Dobbs and CNN have rushed onto the airwaves, treating the incident as a de-facto murder attempt against the news host and his wife.

During Monday’s broadcast on his radio show, Dobbs declared in the most urgent tone that “Three weeks ago this morning a shot was fired at my house,” and that the shots “followed weeks and weeks of threatening phone calls.” Dobbs went on to link the alleged attack to a vast Latino conspiracy made up of Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, LULAC, the National Council of La Raza and other “ethnocentric interest groups,” groups that he says are “creating an atmosphere” that led to the alleged phone threats and supposed attack.

Spreading conspiracy theories about immigrants and Latinos is, of course, nothing new to Dobbs. With minimal evidence and maximum bluster, he insinuates that his serious critics — none of whom endorse violence of any sort — are somehow linked to a supposedly violent attack on his home. Sadly, such a leap is all too believable to some, like one irate Twitterer who commented “Looks like the Mexican hate groups shooting up Lou Dobbs home” or another who added “Better watch them America. These people are out of control.”

To anyone familiar with the growing chorus of religious leaders, national organizations, community groups, Latinos and others demanding CNN cancel Dobbs’ show, the timing of Dobbs’ announcement is, at best, suspect. Last week, to coincide with the launch of CNN’s “Latino in America” series, Latino groups held events across the country demanding the end of Dobb’s program on CNN, attracting considerable national press, including an article in the New York Times. Then, on the following Monday, just days before MSNBC was scheduled to air an ad critical of him and CNN (an ad CNN refused to air), Dobbs suddenly unveils that his house has been fired on 3 weeks ago, and that his critics are somehow linked to the incident.

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