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Spy: the Spanish Bansky
Katie Scott
June 25, 2009


Urban artist SpY stages what he calls ‘interventions’, ranging from basketball nets placed where only giants could reach them to subtly altered road signs.

The artist, who has come to be known as the Spanish Banksy, started as a graffiti artist in Madrid in the mid-Eighties. “By the beginning of the early Nineties he had established himself as the leading figure of the still-young state graffiti scene, offering works with an impeccable style and a solidity that even today are still not very common,” says Javier Abarca, an art critic and university professor specialising in urban art and subcultures.

SpY had outgrown graffiti by the mid-Nineties but continued to produce “public art” rather than gallery pieces. Like Banksy, he also remains anonymous. asked him about his past, his plans and whether we might be seeing flower-shaped road signs in London any time soon.

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