Antony Gormley”™s One & Other

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Submitted by W.J. Elvin III:

Watching each other… Live coverage starts Monday on Sky Arts


From the Sky Arts Web site:

This summer, Antony Gormley”™s One & Other takes over London”™s Trafalgar Square in one of the biggest public art projects the country has seen. 2400 people will get their chance to make their mark in the glare of the public eye and our cameras. We will be streaming everyone”™s hour of fame live on our dedicated One & Other website.

Even the most dedicated would struggle to see every bit of this round the clock, 100 day -project, so to make sure you don”™t miss out on the best bits, we”™re bringing you a live show from Trafalgar Square every Friday at 7pm. Here”™s what”™s coming up in the forthcoming shows:

The launch
8:15am, 6 July on Sky Arts 1 / HD

Highlights of the first week
7pm, 10 July on Sky Arts 1 / HD

Tune in for the weekly highlights show with the best plinthers and interviews at 7pm every Friday from 10 July on Sky Arts 1 / HD

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