Sex Education Considered Bad Influence for World’s Largest Population

‘Evil’ China sex park torn down: state media
May 16, 2009

Beijing (AFP) “” A sex theme park in southwest China that featured giant genitals and a sex-technique workshop has been torn down after officials said it had an “evil influence” on society, state media said.


“Love Land” was due to open in Chongqing municipality ahead of China’s national day on October 1, but it was ordered to close following an investigation by local authorities, the Global Times reported.

Besides displays on sex history and techniques, the park boasted a giant rotating statue of the lower portion of a nearly naked woman bent over at the waist.

… “The investigation determined the park’s content was vulgar and that it was neither healthy nor educational,” an official was quoted as saying. Read the rest of the article here.

photo: NY Times Asia Pacific