Martin le Chevallier’s Miraculous European Flag

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Submitted by André Gattolin:

Press release
Brussels: A Procession in Praise of a Miraculous European Flag

A procession lead by the french artist Martin Le Chevalier will bring to Brussels a miraculous European flag. The flag, on which has appeared Christ’s face, would be proof of the European Christian identity. It will be transported on man’s back in a reliquary. The procession’s arrival at the European parliament is planned on Monday the 30th of March at 3pm.

Martin Le Chevallier, visual artist, lives and works in Paris.

About the Artist:

Born in May 1968, Martin Le Chevallier is one the first artists to use videogames and interactive films to produce a body of work which aims at critically reviewing our contemporary myths and ideologies. He created various experimental and interactive films, exploring personal thoughts and behaviors from characters dealing with social situations.

Maurice le Chevallier, The Audit

In 2008, he hired a consulting firm to assess the validity of his artistic and commercial choices by conducting an “artistic performance audit.”

The consultant assessed his works and his approach and evaluated the commercial and artistic outlets for the artist with regard to what the competition has to offer. After examining the artist’s age in comparison with his celebrity rating, the consultant concluded that it is worthwhile to continue his activity if he embarks on a competitive artistic development strategy. The recommended strategy defines the best aesthetic, conceptual, and commercial tactics to adopt, the most propitious geographic areas for production, promotion, and exhibition, and the optimal media and relational options to ensure the artist’s place in the market and in posterity.