Happy Birthday to The Art of the Prank (almost)!

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On April Fools’ Day 2009,
The Art of the Prank Blog
will be two years old!


Note to our contributors, friends and fans:
In celebration, we have moved the entire blog to a cloud server. This will help us accommodate more volume and more traffic. Since we’re making big changes, we decided to change our Web address at the same time. Why not cause the maximum confusion for the most people?

Henceforth, The Art of the Prank Blog will be found at
(instead of http://Pranks.com)

Our new email addresses are:
admin @ artoftheprank.com to talk with us
submit @ artoftheprank.com to submit materials to the site

You can continue to count on us to bring you the profound, the profane, and the pathetic, that is — the widest spectrum of artful pranks; culture jamming & reality hacking; creative activism; literary, media & political hoaxes; truth that’s stranger than fiction; prank instructionals; and loads of practical jokes and mischief.

Please update your bookmarks and those of your friends’. If you are a subscriber, you don’t have to change anything. Email and RSS feed subscriptions should continue to function as usual. If you’d like to be a subscriber, please join us via email or RSS feed. You’ll find the subscription links on the right hand column of this page.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.