Culture Jamming Revisited [English & Spanish]

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Filed under: Culture Jamming and Reality Hacking Culture Jamming Issue CoverThe Colombian online magazine revisits the concept of Culture Jamming in their December 19, 2008 online magazine. This is a very imaginative and interesting publication. Once you click through the link here, click on the magazine cover there. Alternatively (in case the content changes), click on one of the links below and turn the pages. The journal is in English and Spanish. Fantastic design.

Check out the exclusive article and video by Mark Dery starting on page 17 called The World Turned Upside Down: Culture Jamming 15 Years After, and articles about Adbusters on page 41 and Ron English on page 51. There’s also an interview with The Art of the Prank Editor Joey Skaggs on page 69.