Superman # 660 – The Art of the Prank

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Superman # 660 – The Art of the Prank is a comic book issue published by DC that was released on 3/2007, last edit – 06/06/2008


Plot Summary (May contain Spoilers)

The Prankster is visited by an up-and-coming new gangsta in Metropolis by the name of Nitro G. He has the power to produce nitroglycerin and make things explode. In order to make more of a name for himself and his crew, he needs Prankster to distract Superman so he can rob a bank.

Prankster sets the plan in motion. During the Metropolis Marathon, he unleashes banana peels in the street that causes mayhem. He also has giant flowers that squirt. When Superman arrives, he finds that the flowers didn’t squirt water but rather glue. Forced to save the people before they suffocate, Prankster gets away and Nitro G is able to rob the bank.

The next day Nitro G is back. Now he wants his gang to be equiped with the glue guns. They will become Nitro G and the Sticky Squad. Prankster says he performs pranks, not weapons. Nitro G threatens Prankster and his establishment if he doesn’t cooperate. It seems the Prankster has no choice.

A new plan is devised. Outside the Daily Planet, it begins to rain money. There is a message on the back of the fake bills for Superman. Clark reads it not knowing it’s a wild goose chase for Superman. At another bank, Nitro G and his Sticky Squad arrive. The two members standing watch outside are knocked out from giant fists that come out of floating cuckoo clocks. A giant penny blocks the door. From the ceiling, Prankster drops down. Nitro G orders his men to squirt Prankster but the guns have been rigged. As Nitro G prepares to blast him with some nitroglycerin, the sprinklers set off from the heat. The sprinklers have been rigged so that Nitro G is covered with a chemical compound that stiffens and absorbs the nitroglycerin. There is also a wick on top of his head, ready to go off. Superman then arrives according to Prankster’s plan. He pulls off the wick but is told that it’s a dummy wick. Superman flies Nitro G out of the bank. After a series of small explosions, Nitro G is left standing in his birthday suit.

Prankster gets away and gets the last laugh.