Art of the Prank Holiday Gift Guide #5: Hitman Electronic Attack

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Hitman Electronic Attack, $19.99,

Put Out a Hit on Your Co-Workers
As the creators of the amazing Annoy-a-tron we at ThinkGeek are no novices when it comes to tormenting our friends and loved ones. We’re always looking to up the ante in the ongoing office joke wars. Now with the Hitman Electronic Attack we have an all new way to drive our co-workers crazy. This electronic Hitman figure is named Hal… and he’s more than willing to take out anyone who gets in your way. Simply hide Hal in a cabinet, refrigerator, or anywhere else appropriate for ambush. When Hitman Hal senses movement, he raises his Tommy gun and blasts away while shouting at your intended victim in a very startling manner. You’ll laugh with glee from around the corner watching folks jump out of their skin after being surprised by Hal. Just make sure to pay Hal later for his work… otherwise you might find yourself fitted with some cement galoshes. Capiche?

Here’s how it works:

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