SantaCon LA Style

The con is on — L.A. Santacon, that is
by Elina Shatkin
Los Angeles Times
December 8, 2008

You can pout and cry all you want, these Santa Clauses are still coming to town.

“Be LOUD, OBNOXIOUS and JOLLY.” That’s the first, last and most important rule from the official handbook for L.A. Santacon 2008, an annual pub crawl that reached new highs (or lows, depending on your point of view) on Dec. 6, as nearly 300 Santa-clad revelers made merry and mayhem, often at the same time.

Santas of all sizes, stripes and proclivities joined forces to form this roving flash mob. Cheerleader Santas, bicycle Santas, sexy Santas, not-so-sexy Santas, an anarcho-Santa with a candy cane Mohawk and most commonly, loads of “dirty old man” Santas.

Founded in 1994 in San Francisco by the Cacophony Society, a network of activists looking for “experiences outside the mainstream” (according to their website), Santacon is a slap at the Christmas consumer frenzy. Over time, the culture jamming aspects have given way to a drunker, more apolitical version of “santarchy.”

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photos: 1. visaggo; 2. Colin Young-Wolff / For The Times