How to Have a Culture Jammin’ Christmas

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MAKE has a fun Culture Jamming Gift Guide to hack, stick, throw, jam and inspire! Here are some our favorite freebee (or really cheap) ideas. For other anti-consumer gifts you actually have to pay for, visit here.

Foil a CCTV Camera with a static-charged (rub it on your hair), helium filled balloon.

Give the gift of CRAFT:04, where you can learn to make Moss Graffiti and liven up your environment.

So you can’t go out and buy this right now in a store, but it’s an interesting idea; Packard Jennings hand-crafted these Anarchist Action Figures and placed them in SF bay-area stores to show how easily even radical ideologies can be commodified.

Running low on inspiration? The Idea Vending Machine gives you more than just ideas! For just 50¢ you get (1) idea, a map if travel is involved, (1) toy, (1) quarter, and (1) lucky penny. Sounds like a bargain to me! If you are wondering why you get a quarter back? Well, the vending machine will only work if (2) quarters are inserted and artist thought that was too much money to charge, so he returns (1) quarter back to you. In the end it only costs 24¢. Don’t forget about the lucky penny!

There are several fun stickers available for messing with the status quo. Print out (or get printed) some stickers and give some cheery thought-provoking public advertisement interaction! Print out a sticker for your license to Become an Intellectual Property Donor:

Encourage anti-consumerism with the Anti-Advertising Agency’s “You don’t need it” stickers:

Or, make sure people know who’s behind their everyday objects with “Property of the Bavarian Illuminati” decals:

Oh, and don’t forget to alert electronics and software consumers about the “Now Slower, with More Bugs” features in the products they’re interested in buying: