Palin Political Poster Project Seeks New Works

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From John Doffing, founder of Start Soma and Start Mobile:

Sarah Palin’s supporters tell us that she is just like us. And this may well be true.

But is this appropriate criteria for choosing the Potential Leader of the Free World?

Personally, I want my leaders to be Nothing like me – I want The Smartest + Most Experienced Candidates possible.

We are currently accepting submissions from artists + designers who want to submit Palin Political Posters for open-source global digital distribution. My letter to artists & designers is available here. Send submissions to

Initial submissions are available at and flickr. Here are some:

NOTE: The Palin Political Poster images are available for FREE global distribution.

* download them as desktop or mobile wallpapers.
* add them to your website or blog.
* post them to your social networking pages.
* email them to your friends.
* download high-resolution versions and print your own.

If you would like to submit posters, we would love to have them!

Posters right to left by: Anthony Grant, USA / Rich Silverstein / Samala, USA / Samala, USA

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