Recruiting Pranksters to Pass the Buck… back!

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A call to action from Joey Skaggs, Editor of The Art of the Prank at

Calling All Pranksters (and non-pranksters too)!

Greed, dishonesty, government deregulation and lack of oversight got us into the largest global financial crisis since the Depression. Express your outrage at having to bail out the bastards while they pass the buck! Print these “Useless Bucks” and put them in circulation. In other words, Pass the Buck… back. Take them to your financial and banking districts and give them away; Toss them from high places; Place them on those nearly useless ATM machines; Start your own bail-out program by giving six useless hundred dollar bills to all your friends. Do anything you want with them, just don’t try to spend them!! They’re useless.

Pass the Buck… back

If the Fed can print money indiscriminately, so can we!

Download this pdf template, print your own useless dollars, and put them in circulation around the world. Document your actions in video or stills. Mount your video on YouTube or another embedable video service and send us the URL, and, if you take stills, submit your photos to We’ll post your most inspired examples of Passing the Buck… back.

40 years ago, this past August, Abbie Hoffman and a small group of “Yippies” infiltrated the New York Stock Exchange and dumped dollar bills on the Stock Exchange Floor as a statement about greed. As part homage to Abbie, and because of our own outrage about the current situation, we encourage you to do the same today.

Here are the Instructions:

    2. Print the composite page of the template on a copy machine (color or b&w) or as a two-color print job in any quantity. For double-sided copies, use the same template for the front and the back.
    3. Cut the money from the templates
    4. Gather your friends or head out on your own, and
    5. Pass the Buck… back
    6. Document your actions with video and/or stills
    7. Submit your video and photos to For video, mount it on YouTube (or any other embedable server) and send us the link – we can’t accept actual video footage. For digital photos, re-size them to a width of 425 pixels (any length is fine) at 72dpi and email them to us.

Concurrent Protest Actions:

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  • thanks Peter, Abe & Khalil