UFC Management Comes Out Swinging

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From RedSweat.com, September 13, 2008:

Hilarious UFC Action Figures: Dana White, Rogan, Peoples / Update: Fake UFC Figures are Causing Controversy

Need a good laugh? Check out these hilarious UFC action figures that I ran across today. The phony action figure series features “Talking” Dana White, “Spaz-Action” Joe Rogan and Cecil Peoples.

Dana White”™s figure says 17 different combinations of profanity and comes complete with accessories such as “Chuck Liddell”™s balls” and a “Tito was my Bitch” removable shirt.

Rogan”™s figure will spaz out with the touch of a button and comes complete with “Hallucinogenic Drug Cache & Bong.”

Update: According to Creative Loafing”™s MMA blog “Full Contact Talk” these pictures have stirred quite the controversy in the wake of their release. Since the pics were first revealed, several websites have reportedly removed the phony artwork.

RedSweat is not affiliated in any way with the prank and has stated from the beginning that the figures were phony.