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The Nooz: Palin action figure raises objections
September 11, 2008

If the interest in Sarah Palin”™s eyeglasses is any indication, the Oxford, Conn., company making her action figure will be inundated with requests. But not everyone is amused. has made three action figures of the Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate.

The figures include the Sarah Palin business figure, complete with glasses, a suit and her hair pulled back in a bun. The Sarah Palin hero action figure looks like something from the movie “The Matrix,” with a long black coat opened to show a gun holster on the thigh.

But it is the Sarah Palin School Girl that is raising eyebrows. In the risqué doll, she dons a red bra and a short skirt.

Kathleen Angco-Vieweg, an assistant professor of sociology at American International College in Springfield, Mass., denounced the dolls as sexist.

“If [a woman is] pretty, the only power they have is to turn on a man instead of using their brains and intellect,” Angco-Vieweg said. “She is the governor of Alaska, so she obviously has the brains to run those laws and governance.”

While Palin has a prominent spot on the site, the male candidates in the series also appear to be stereotyped. The Beach Blanket Obama action figure portrays a bathing suit-clad Sen. Barack Obama with some serious muscles, while Sen. John McCain”™s action figure also looks as though it has been working out.

The action figures range from $27.95 to $29.95.

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