YouTube: the Gorilla Lost & Found

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According to an AP report from East Machias, Maine, September 9. 2008, Pilfered primate outstanding in Vt. cornfield:

An 8-foot-tall mechanical gorilla that was swiped in broad daylight from its longtime location outside a store has turned up several hundred miles away – with an apologetic ransom demand… The gorilla’s creator, Ken Booth of the Gorilla Robot Factory in Akron, Ohio, helped out by posting a YouTube video seeking the gorilla’s return and offering a reward.

Here’s the plea: Gorilla Kidnapped from Maine, by GorillaRobotFactory

Then another video turned up on YouTube, showing a hooded person demanding a $1 million ransom – apologizing for causing a flap. “I didn’t know it’d be such a big deal,” the hooded abductor said.

Here’s that one: I have your gorilla, by I am Sammie Longdong of the sock puppet gang!

Read the whole article here.