“Hottie” Sarah Palin Meets Photoshop – Beware of Fakes!

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From Peter Markus:

“Hotties in the News” has posted several Sarah Palin photos on its website. At least this one is a fake as you can see in the the”original” below.

A: Note the skin color change abruptly and unaturally below the necklace.

B: The edge of Palin’s head is too sharp against the background while her blouse is properly dithered and blurs naturally into the background.

Are there real “hottie” pictures of Governor Palin in existence? Perhaps there are, but the attention being wasted on exploiting Palin’s beauty queen days in this way is a disservice to the electoral process and the public interest. Real or fake, Trash news shifts focus from the real issues. When the country wakes up from it’s collective wet dream over the GOP VP candidate, the war, rising waters and a sinking economy will be the reality that replaces it.