The Inside Scoop: McCain’s Proposal to Palin

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Listen To John McCain’s Voice Mail For Sarah Palin
by Sarah Lai Stirland
September 3, 2008

Well, of course it’s an online joke. The pranksters at 23/6 are mocking the Republican vice presidential nominee’s relative obscurity and background — the subject du jour on the campaign trail.

In a posted recording, someone sounding like John McCain offers “Sandra Palin” the honor of being his running mate.

“Senator Palin … Governor Palin, it was great to meet you, that time that we met” says the distracted-sounding voice of Michael Weingartner, the impersonator, who’s quick to anger in the recording. “I was wondering if you’re not too busy these days, if you’d like to be my vice presidential running mate. I was told that you’d shore up the evangelical vote and help with the female vote. I personally don’t think that Americans are dumb enough to fall for straight-up pandering, but my advisers tell me otherwise.”

The recording, which was posted online at the political humor site 23/6 (jointly run by IAC and The Huffington Post) yesterday, has received almost 3,000 Diggs.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is scheduled to make her vice presidential acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota Wednesday somewhere around 10 pm Eastern after Rudy Giuliani and Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle speak.

Pundits are expecting more people to tune in than they did for Barack Obama’s Democratic presidential nomination acceptance speech last week.

Image: Wigwam Jones