Iraq Veterans Against The War Street Action

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From A Life Less Mediated, August 20, 2008:

The Iraq War Moves To Manhattan

It’s not often that I come across a story in the L magazine that is really post worthy. Mostly i just pick it up when i don’t have anything else to read on the train. Even then i usually thumb through it, reading only the sex columnists page, the funny little columns where they interview taxi drivers (a habit that I’ve picked up myself since moving to NY) and the movie reviews.

This last issue however provided me with a new gem, disguised as a typical best of NYC review. Under the POLITICS heading, under Best Agitprop Public Performance Art was the tragically tiny description of Iraq Vet[e]rans Against the War‘s demonstration over memorial day weekend [2007].

As street theater and culture jamming is a particular guilty pleasure of mine, i couldn’t resist digging a bit to find out more about this event. As street theater goes, this is some of the most powerful I’ve seen. It a pity that more press wasn’t generated in the mainstream media about it, at first glance, it seems that only NY1 picked up on it here in the city, and even then it was a secondary bit of news along with other more celebratory events going on in the city.

The sight of fully uniformed soldiers taking down civilians in Times Square, hog tying them and bagging their heads would put the scare into anyone. Which is probably why fox news wasn’t showing it, or CNN or any other major news outlet. If anyone has links to coverage of this event, feel free to add it in the comment section.

There really needs to be more demonstrations like this to help shake people out of their passive support for military actions around the world that are being carried out in their name.

There is a great website with videos like the one below of the event, and information on the organization itself. I’ll warn you that the video may be disterbing to some people, so watch with care.

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