Protest Protesting!

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Here are two humorous alternative protests reported by James David on Groundswell, a blog dedicated to clever and innovative trends of art and design in activism:

June 5, 2008:

Tony Mullin uses green screen technology to circumvent the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005, which prohibits anyone staging spontaneous protests within a 1km radius of Westminster”™s Houses of Parliament.

Tony Mullin and Green Screen Protesting

Blank placards can be carried during the video-taped event, overlaid with poster designs and slogans, and uploaded to YouTube (or otherwise distributed.) About a year ago, he led a group of volunteers on a walk through the exclusion zone carrying blank green placards. In essence, anyone with the means can add their message to the footage.

via Not an Alternative and wemakemoneynotart

June 12, 2008:

This April Fool”™s Day, the Boston Society of Spontaneity held a protest against protests. Posing as radical members of a fake political action committee called Citizens Against Protests, Rallies, & Expression (C.A.P.E.R. for short) the group held a protest in a spot locally known for protests – Harvard Square.

Boston SOS

For more on this story, visit Groundswell and/or watch the video.