Gum Blondes by Jason Kronenwald

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A Fresh Pack of Gum Blondes
by Jason Kronenwald
LE Gallery
1183 Dundas St W. in Toronto”™s Little Portugal Neighbourhood, Canada
June 4th to June 29th, 2008

Gum Blondes by Jason Kronenwald

Exploring the pervasive scope of “Blondeness” in contemporary culture, Kronenwald”™s Gum Blondes, portraits composed completely of chewed bubblegum, offer a cross section of popular blondes from Hillary Clinton to Lindsay Lohan. Employing unconventional materials, a team of chewers and a critical practice, Kronenwald”™s work positions itself directly within today”™s celebrity obsessed mindframe, blurring the lines of fine art and pop culture.

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