No Sense of Humor for “Horstile” School Officials

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Conn. Senior Prank/Protest Ends with Two Arrests
June 7, 2008

gabby-01-200.jpgWestport, Conn. — Authorities apparently didn’t find a Connecticut high school student’s senior prank very amusing.

Sarah Friedson of Westport rode her sister’s pony to school Friday morning as both a prank and to protest the high price of gas, the 17-year-old said.

She hung a sign on the horse that read “Ride on ’08” and “Save Gas $.”

When she arrived on school property, accompanied by her father, Ronald who was trailing behind in his car, school officials told her police was on the way.

In the end, two arrests were made and Sarah was suspended and could miss finals, her prom and the senior class trip to the Six Flags amusement park in Agawam, Mass.

Ronald told the Connecticut Post he believes the treatment they received was revenge for previous conflicts he’s had with the Westport School District.

Both Sarah and her father are due in court next week, police said.