Ass on Glass Not on the Menu

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Man Injures Buttocks After Mooning Restaurant
by Jupiter Kalambakal
AHN News Writer
June 4, 2008

048-mooning-200.jpgUtrecht, The Netherlands (AHN) – A 21-year-old prankster suffered deep cuts in his bare buttocks after pressing them against a restaurant window, breaking the glass.

According to local authorities, the man, along with two other friends, decided to run around the area with their pants down and their bottoms exposed.

The man then decided to put his bare behind against the window of the nearby restaurant with the intention of “mooning” the customers.

It was then that the window broke, and according to the police, the man suffered “deep wounds to his derriere.”

The three men were detained by the authorities but the restaurant owner declared that no charges would be pressed.

He only required that the pranksters pay for the broken window.