Artist to Sell £14,040 of Drugs in Glasgow Gallery

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From Mark Borkowski’s Borkowski Blog, May 6, 2008:

I have just been sent this release about a solo show by artist activists the “Vacuum Cleaner”. The group plans to sell £14,040 of Coke, Heroin and Hash as part of a gallery show. What a wonderful idea. Contemporary art is reaching new heights, mixing a PR stunt with art. Is it a wind up? I really don”™t care, but I know where I”™d like to be on Friday evening.

Get Ta Suck
A solo show by artist activist”™s the vacuum cleaner.

The Vacuum CleanerArtist to sell £14,040 of drugs in Glasgow Gallery

Preview 09.05.08: 7-9.30 pm
Exhibition runs 10.05.08 – 18.05.08
Weds-Sun 12-6pm

+44 141
SWG3 –
100 Eastvale Place
G3 8QG

Glasgow based artist activist “˜the vacuum cleaner”™ are planning to sell £14,040 of Coke, Smack and Soap Bar (Hash) as part of a gallery show at the Studio Warehouse, Glasgow.

The piece titled Smack, Soap Bar, Coke is one of a series of new works to be included in the groups first solo gallery show. The “˜enfants terrible”™ of the Glasgow art scene will also be including some of their most controversial existing works; including The Ultimate Television Commercial, a remix of the Paris Hilton Sex Tape, Deep Throat and Coke bottles, the video hasn”™t been seen since it was band from most of the internet last year.

The collective describe their work as art activism, or “˜Brandalism, Subvertising, Hackivism and generally being a nuisance to those in power.”™ The untrained artists, who have worked out of the Studio Warehouse since relocating to Glasgow two and a half years ago, have also worked in the mainstream. This year alone they have made works and commissions for the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, Museum of Contemporary Art, Geneva, Glasgow Art Fair and Tramway. Documentation of this work will also appear.

“Playing in the art world is something we”™re very conscious of, we don”™t want to exist in an activist ghetto, but then we”™re also aware of the limitations of the art world. But the great thing about doing the show at SWG3, is they”™ve never said no to anything we”™ve suggested. “ Said Dick Dastardly, spokesperson for the group.

The group became notorious in 2004 when they launched the website which featured the Starbucks Mermaid logo with letters being removed until it said “fuck off”. Starbucks forced the closure of the domain, but the group simple moved to the site to, where it remains.
Most purchasable works will be sold on a “˜Pay What You Think It”™s Worth”™ basis; works will include a reserve to cover costs.