Squat London: Connecting People to Empty Places [English & French]

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Submitted by André Gattolin — “A very nice initiative created by friends in London. It’s not a hoax, it’s real stuff!” Here are several interesting links. The last one is by André himself [in French]:

Free Spaces London Events Listing for this weekend
Squat the Lot
8 April 2008


Space Is The Place – side stepping the property ladder

This is a one-off series of events to coincide with the Europe-wide days of action in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture. The events are based at a new squatted social centre in Shoreditch and other autonomous spaces around London.

The themes for Space Is the Place are the appropriation of public space by big business through privatisation and speculation, the sell-off of council housing and how the current housing crisis affects the most disadvantaged, gentrification and redevelopment of East London for the Olympics in 2012, the mismanagement of land and its ownership by the wealthy elite…

There will be an open access art-space themed as above, discussions and skill-sharing to bring people together and share ideas on how we can solve the problems we face, info-station for DIY action, films, photography, music and cafe. There will also be a benefit gig to raise money for the Advisory Service for Squatters.

If you are engaged in struggle relating to land, housing, poverty etc – whether a group or individual – please contact us ASAP about doing a presentation, info stall, workshop etc.

To contribute, send an email to: housingmatters

Update, 10 April 2008:

Squatters Estate Agents, putting people places

As part of the “Space Is The Place – Side Stepping The Property Ladder” series of events taking place in various London autonomous spaces over the weekend of the 11th and 12th April, a squatters estate agents has been set up.

396098-200.jpgThe squatters estate agents is based at a new squatted venue in Bowl Court, Shoreditch and opens Saturday at 10am. A display shows a number of empty properties around London along with details about their location, history and suitability for squatting. The properties range for abandoned houses and flats, to pubs, shops and even government buildings. Some would suit small residential squats and others grand large scale housing communities, squat cafes, freeshops or social centres.

During the weekend you’ll have the opportunity to meet up with others in need of housing and go out as a group to put the empties of London back into good use. Before the end of the weekend you could have yourself and your friends a new home.

The display boards will also be made available at other autonomous spaces over the weekend and beyond.

It’s not too late to contribute to the project. Please submit your own empties lists ASAP to The Rampart

The squatters estate agents is just one of things happening at the new squatted venue in shoreditch and other autonomous spaces over the weekend.

Reclaim The City

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