Your One-stop Supershop for Infant’s Blood and More…

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Introducing For bath, for beauty, for health… and more! Serving your family’s blood-product needs since 1583. Rated #1 in customer satisfaction out of all major online infant’s blood retailers.

For generations, men and women have bathed in infant’s blood to promote health, longevity, youthful vigor, and beauty. This time-honored tradition has been passed down from mother to daughter, from father to son; many of our customers tell us their most cherished family memories include bathing in invigorating, life-giving infant’s blood.

stethoscope_small.jpgWith our uncompromising approach to quality, we’re convinced you’ll agree – blood is simply the best infant’s blood on the market. And doesn’t your family deserve the best?

For those interested in employment opportunities, is accepting resumes from qualified virgins and healthy infants, and also looking for a bloodmonger, sanguinary engineer, blood chef, and infant personal trainer. Qualified applicants only please!

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