Project for Public Spaces: Faking Places

From Deborah Thomas:

The Project for Public Spaces, presents their astounding accomplishments in their April 1 newsletter. Here are a few highlights. For the full spectrum of victories in their effort to create more livable cities, visit here.

clip_image001_0000_large-200.jpgLos Angeles now a pedestrian paradise
Los Angeles–A bicyclist pedaling leisurely down Wilshire Boulevard spots a friend strolling down the sidewalk and pulls over to chat. A tall, tanned man wearing a Versace suit stops in the middle of a crosswalk to flirt with a blonde woman in a short skirt and high heels. Welcome to rush hour in L.A. (Click on headline to read the full story)

clip_image002_0003_medium-200.jpegAAA shifts focus from autos to pedestrians
ORLANDO – AAA is re-branding itself the American Amblers Association to reflect its changing role in helping people enjoy the nation’s parks, playgrounds, public markets and greenways. (Click headline to read the full story)

clip_image002_0001_large-200.jpegRush Limbaugh: Living the Good Life in Copenhagen
COPENHAGEN – In his first interview since moving here, reformed global-warming denier and ex-radio show host Rush Limbaugh said he has secretly vacationed in Copenhagen for years. (Click on headline to read the full story)