Eiffel Tower Being Redesigned?

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Update, April 7, 2008: EdgarGonzalez.com interviews David Serero about the success of his Eiffel Tower Design hoax here.

From Marcy LaViollette: Please tell me this is a prank!

[Editor: Right. And next the Statue of Liberty’s torch will be replaced with an umbrella due to global warming…]


From the Serero Architects Web site:

Serero Architects unveils its design for the extension of the Eiffel Tower top floor. The project will extend the top floor plate of the tower by grafting a high performance carbon Kevlar structure on it. The structure will be temporarily bolted to the slab without requiring any modification of the existing structure. It will expand the usable floor area from 280 m2 to 580m2.

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