Steve’s Pick Hit Phone Pranks

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Submitted by Steve Lambert:

Longmont Potion Castle is the pseudonym of a prank caller based out of Texas that puts out some of the most bizarre and hilarious material I’ve ever heard. He uses audio effects that speed up and slow down his voice, disorienting the caller on the other end, sometimes even repeating back what they’ve just said. One of the tricks he uses is calling retail stores asking detailed and mundane questions about a specific item he never actually names and always staying friendly (referring to people as “partner”) and sounding reasonable.

Click here to listen. Track 2 is my favorite.

Here’s a video of the subjects of his calls as he’s making them.

Also, speaking of bizarre, hilarious, and prank calls, here’s one from Tim and Eric where they call iPod Tech Support because they’re having problems with microphones:

And another, where someone is unfortunate enough to call them for information on their business: