Comedian Lee Camp Pranks Fox News

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Who’s Lee Camp? This is according to the Huffington Post, February 24, 2008:

Over the past five years Lee Camp has performed standup comedy at over 300 colleges nationwide, but we don’t hold that against him. Seventy-five percent of his jokes go over the audience’s heads even though he’s not that smart. (He has had more than one audience member yell out ‘Who’s Karl Rove??’) He was named one of the best New Faces at the 2006 Montreal Comedy Festival and has also performed endless shows with Laughing Liberally. As an actor he’s had one sentence in at least three percent of the television shows you like, and as a writer he’s published three humor books you haven’t read. So he’s ubiquitous in stuff you’ve never seen. He views himself as a cynical optimist because he sees the glass as half full of shit.