No You Can’t — No Se Puede

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Submitted by Marco Ceglie:

You have probably heard of’s YouTube sensation Yes, We Can – a video tribute to Barack Obama.

Well, whether that video moved you to tears or eye rolls, some friends and I put together a little something in way of part parody, part homage (we’re calling it a “parage”) called No, You Can’t.

We feel it nicely captures the voices aligned with the status quo, big money and special interests who most want to “stay the course” in November.

Brought to you by the same spoiled brats who brought you Billionaires for Bush. Creative Team: Melody Bates (producer), Elissa Jiji (producer), Marco Ceglie (writer/post-production genius), Andrew Boyd (other writer/post-production sub-genius), Tom Blake (camera), Nancy Solomon (hair and makeup), Eddie Martinez (editor), Ken Rosser (guitar), Brian Fairbanks & Justin Krebs & Cliff Tasner (co-conspirators), Kim & Philippo (dog wrangling).