The Art & Design of Helmut Smits

Submitted by Peter Moosgaard:

Netherlands artist Helmut Smits combines the tasiest of ideas with great wit and feeling for spaces. At the same time he cleverly tries to hack our perception of public life. Here is a small selection from his amazing work:

Photo tip, 2004
Photo tip, by Helmut Smits

His installation Photo tip offers the visitor the possibility of posing as a hostage on CNN. It is only made from wood, print, sandbags and a chair. How simple great work can be.

Another work consists of planting a tree in front of billboard. After some years the billboard should no longer be seen from the road. Only a (hopefully) fresh green tree.

Tree in front of billboard, 2006
Tree in front of billboard, by Helmut Smits

This one, named Territories, is about placing known logos of animals in their natural surroundings. A very poetic work in the jungle we call our corporate world.

Territories, 2005, polystyrene, plywood, acrylic
Territories, by Helmut Smits

Another project from 2006 worth mentioning is self-explanatory:

Parking for white cars only, 2006
Parking for white cars only, by Helmut Smits

You can find all of his intriguing work here.