GenPets: BioEngineered Buddies

Submitted by Nash Chovek of Athens, Greece:

GenPets [Series 01] Bio-Genica 2005 by Adam Brandejs was a thesis project that caused a stir as people pondered whether it was real or a hoax.

Genpets, by Adam Brandejs

From FAQs:

  • Genpets are living, breathing mammals. Bio-Genica is a Bioengineering Company that has combined, and modified existing DNA to create the Genpets lineup. Genpets have blood, bones, and muscle; they will bleed if you cut them, and die if mistreated just like any other animal. The electronic components are only in the packages and are for basic life support, outside of the packages the Genpets are wholly organic…

    While the Genpetsâ„¢ hang on retail shelves they are in a chemically induced type of hibernation controlled by a protein in the packages”™ nutrient supply tubes. This was a natural trait found in many seasonal animals that would normally hibernate in colder northern climates that has been added to the Genpet line. This also ensures comfort for the Genpetsâ„¢ while they are on store shelves.

  • Ultimately, the artist’s intent was to inspire concern regarding the state of the art of bioengineering and corporate ethics. The Genpets Web site is loaded with info about what, where, why and how this project was conceived and developed.

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