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Update, December 24, 2007: Anarchists in the Aisles? Stores Provide a Stage, The New York Times

From Ryan Watkins-Hughes of has two upcoming projects and is seeking participants.

ShopDropping Defined

Call #1: is now calling on artists, designers, media makers, and creative folks to purchase greeting cards and alter them in any way they see fit. Any form of commercial card, from wedding to graduation to birthday to bereavement, is eligible. But clever and witty will be given preference over easy and distasteful.

Please submit JPEG reproductions of the altered greeting cards to with Greetings as the subject line.

All files must be sized to 1024 x 768 at 72 dpi. Each altered card must include the text “” somewhere in the new design. It can be discreet, on the back of the card, and unobtrusive but it must be present.When submitting the cover and inside of the same card please indicate this clearly in the file titles (for example “cover.jpg”, “page2.jpg”).

The deadline for submissions is April 1st 2008.

Once all of the digital reproductions have been submitted, selected artists will be given the address of a fellow participant to swap cards with. The cards will then be shopdropped back into circulation and the digital reproductions will be featured on Please do not submit digital files if you do not intend to follow through with the act of shopdropping a fellow participant’s work. The digital reproductions are a means to select and document the artworks, but do not replace the act of shopdropping the originals into unsuspecting stores.

Call 2: is currently seeking 20 artists aged 20-29 to feature and interview for an upcoming book. presents 20/20 will profile each artist and their work and copies of the limited edition book will be shopdropped into bookstores throughout the world.

In the spirit of shopdropping, we are seeking artists who are exploring new forms and pushing boundaries within their field. Bands and musicians with hard to define genres, Internet filmmakers and compulsive bloggers, curators and gallerists working out of their homes, post-vinyl dj’s and digital vj’s, actors and writers working outside of film, theater, and television, artist collectives, culture jammers, and other hard-to-define creative minds are in demand.

To be considered for this project or to nominate someone you feel fits the bill please submit work samples via web link to: with 20/20 as the subject line.

Do not send jpgs, mp3s, or other file types directly. Links only please.

There is no deadline for this project as of yet.

Please repost this information and pass it along to anyone who may be interested.

For additional information please see:

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