Erwin Wurm, The Artist Who Swallowed the World

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Submitted by Peter Moosgaard: Austrian artist Erwin Wurm makes fat cars, fat houses…

Erwin Wurm, Fat Series

and, for a 2007 exhibition, he mounted a house on the roof of Vienna’s Museum of Modern Art.

Edwin Wurm, House Attack

He became famous for his “One Minute Sculptures.” These sculptures seem improvised and funny, as they work with everyday objects like pens, bottles, fruit or blankets, often sticking out of peoples’ noses. Check out this wonderful video interview with the artist from the Submarine Channel:

Here, also is the Red Hot Chili Peppers video Can’t Stop his work is said to have inspired:

Erwin Wurm, The Artist Who Swallowed the WorldThis year, Hatje Cantz has published Erwin Wurm’s book The Artist Who Swallowed the World.

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