Facebook Takes It on the Chin

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Submitted by Steve Lambert:

Dan Provost, an MFA student at Parsons, created FacebookBusinessSolutions.com, a prank on Facebook’s Beacon software bomb from a couple weeks ago [see articles below for details about this software and the outcry it has sparked].

Facebook Business SolutionsAccording to msnbc.com, Beacon was created “to boost revenue growth by tapping into the deep social connections between Facebook users, who use the site to share messages, photos and other information with online friends.”

Here are some excerpts from the FacebookBusinessSolutions.com Web site:

Facebook Image Scan
Facebook Image Scan uses a sophisticated computer algorithm to filter through every image in the user”™s Photo Album, identifying brand markings and products and tagging them with links back to your homepage.

Facebook Recycle
The items a user deletes on their own personal computer can be very important data for a business to uncover. Facebook Recycle harvests files from a user”™s Trash Bin and posts the findings to their News Feed, as well as sending a copy to your business.

Facebook Locate
Do you know where your potential customers are, physically, at all times? Facebook Locate does just that, using cell phone and GPS technologies to pinpoint a customer”™s location, create a route to your nearest physical store location, and texts a map to the user.

Facebook Diary
Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to discover a user”™s true affinity for your brand. Facebook will send an employee to the user”™s house at strategic hours to rifle through the user”™s diary/journal. All relevant information will be published to the user”™s News Feed.

Read more about the real Facebook Beacon:

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