High-Minded Holiday Gifts: Your Face in a Chinese Propaganda Poster

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Maopost.com Presents: Chinese Propaganda Posters

Maopost.com - Chinese Propaganda Posters

More than 1,400 different posters can be a model for your painting!

An original work entirely done by hand, without the assistance of any printing technique. The artist’s talent and our standards for quality guarantee you an outstanding result, as evidenced by our samples.

Maoart.com Samples

The painters are freelance professional Chinese artists selected for their portrait skills and their ability to reproduce the propaganda poster styles. We do not commission “painting factories” and their salaried artists.

Each painting costs from USD $169 to USD $269. Price depends on canvas size and model complexity. Paintings with several characters or a complex background require more work.

We propose two formats: 24×15 inches and 32×21 inches (61×38 cm and 81×54 cm). Your painting is delivered no later than 3 weeks after payment is received.

A few examples:

Maoart.com Samples