High-Minded Holiday Gifts: Hand Soap

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Hand Soap, from Dave Barry’s Holiday Gift Guide, Miami Herald:

Hand Soap by Foliage

Is there a woman on your gift list, with ”woman” defined as ‘a person who puts ‘decorative hand soaps’ in the bathroom that guests are supposed to use, so that the actual guests are afraid to wash their hands with the soap because they don’t want to mess it up, so they end up either not washing at all or just wetting their hands and then drying them on their pants, because they are also afraid to use the ‘decorative towels’?”

If so, then you will want to give that woman these decorative hand soaps, which are actually shaped like hands, reaching up at you in a truly creepy decorative way. No guest would dream of actually using these soaps. They will last for centuries, grasping upward in the guest-bathroom gloom.

$14 plus shipping and handling. Suggested by Jim Gilboy of Hales Corners, Wis.

Thanks Steff