Kanye West and 50 Cent: Shit-Talkers United

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Kanye: “Battle with 50 Cent Was a Publicity Stunt”
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November 21, 2007

Kanye West and 50 CentKanye West has revealed his chart battle with rap rival 50 CENT was a publicity stunt he dreamed up to sell records.

The pair went head to head in September (07) when both their albums were released on the same day.

West won after a frenzied media battle he now claims he created.

The Stronger hitmaker comes clean to GQ, stating, “It was a complete publicity stunt. It was my idea. I knew it was going to take off as soon as we were going to come out on the same date.

“Think about it – you got the two biggest s**t-talkers in rap history.

There”™s no-one in rap history for talking more s**t than me and 50. That”™s something I will stand on.” He adds of 50 Cent”™s vow to retire if he lost the battle: “Oh man, he sold so many more records by saying that. Man, 50 is really one of my favourite rappers, too. I almost feel bad (about beating him).” West hammered 50 with sales in the U.S. but 50 sold more albums worldwide than his rival.

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