Putting the Mercy back in Mercenary

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From ChicagoIndyMedia.org, October 31, 2007:

New York – With all of the news about Blackwater USA”™s problems, it wasn”™t a surprise that a fake story about the company creating a “Department of Corporate Integrity” would make it on to several valid news sites.

CBS News and Politico.com were among the victims of the fraud, reportedly perpetuated by Code Pink, according to Politico, which posted a correction today. CBS reprinted a Politico story on its site.


“In this business, you sometimes come across news items and think, “˜You couldn”™t make that stuff up.”™ Well, sometimes you can,” Politico reported in its note. “Code Pink today pulled off a hoax that pulled in Politico and a number of other news outlets when it ginned up a fake release, saying that Blackwater USA was creating a new “˜Department of Corporate Integrity”™ that would put the “˜mercy back in mercenary.”™ That should have been a tip off.” “We do some silly things, but we didn”™t do that,” Anne Tyrrell, a spokesperson for Blackwater USA, told Politico.

“We got a lot of international press,” said Code Pink’s Desiree Fairooz, most recently in the news for confronting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with fake blood on her hands. “It was a spoof.”