Ronald’s Crisis

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Submitted by artist Steve Lambert about an event he organized last month:

koxvold-closed-thumbnail-200.jpgOn September 15, 2007, Ronald McDonald, who had fallen in love with the food of New York and become frustrated with the corporate agenda of McDonald’s, stepped into action closing every McDonald’s store in Manhattan.

The closure, while temporary, affected all stores and was accomplished using simple signs and tape, as seen in the below video. Later that day, L.M. Bogad (of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army and author) appeared as Ronald McDonald giving a press conference. Also involved was writer/performer Kevin Crook as a McDonald”™s corporate representative.

Ronald”™s Crisis was a direct collaboration with L.M. Bogad and Kevin Crook as co-writers and performers. The project involved the contributions of nearly 30 people, especially Jeff Crouse, Brian Smeets, and Cynthia Yardley. The kernel of the idea was developed at Eyebeam in discussions with Julia Schwadron, Mouna Andraos, and James Powderly among others.