Don’t Get Councilman Oddo Mad!

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Submitted by Charlie Todd and reblogged from the Gothamist, October 9, 2007:

For some reason, Norwegian comedians thought that City Councilman James Oddo would be a perfect target for their program, Rikets Rost. Oddo, a Republican and the minority leader in the Council (he’s recently supported legislation such as banning aluminum bats and giving the Department of Transportation the authority to name streets), apparently consented to the interview because the request was to discuss presidential politics.

But the questions posed by Pia Haraldson were more of the potentially incendiary and embarrassing kind, asking whether Barack Obama could run for President since he’s not American and then asking about Hillary Clinton’s “incident with a cigar.” Oddo gets wise, and tells Haraldson and her crew in no uncertain terms to “Get the f— outta my office before I beat the f—— s— out of all of you.” He also yells at his staffer for booking the interview! The Daily News counts at least 16 f-bombs.

When the Advance spoke to him, Oddo said, “They wanted reality TV. My reality is, if you come to my office to waste my time and goof on me, the Clintons, Barack Obama, I’m going to throw you out of my office. Am I sorry I embarrassed my mother, my constituents? Yeah, I am. Emotionally, those were the perfect words. Intellectually, they weren’t.”

More about Oddo here – he represents parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn. And Oddo also believes Ann Coulter is an idiot. If anything, we think this will win him some fans.