Christof Schlingensief: Bitte Liebt Osterreich

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Submitted by Peter Schlager:

Christoph Schlingensief made his own contribution to the 2000 Vienna International Festival by organising the reality TV event Please Love Austria:

In 2000, German director and activist Christof Schlingensief created a fake public TV-show. After the formation of the Austrian right wing coalition, Schlingensief built a public “container” show called Please Love Austria so people could (similar to the Big Brother reality TV show) vote for which of the “contained” immigrants should stay and which should go. Schlingensief was then accused by the Austrian right wing party of racism. He was publicly offended with the words “You Artist!”


For more about this performance, visit, click on Works, then Performance, then select Bitte Liebt Osterreich (2000) from the pull down menu.