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Decency debate rages after Southwest shuns flier in skimpy attire
by Reyhan Harmanci
September 15, 2007

kyla_ebbert_britney_spears.jpgAfter a summer of record delays and customer complaints, one airline inadvertently flew into a roiling cultural debate by busting passengers for dressing too scantily.

Southwest Airlines has been on the defensive for a few weeks for demanding that two women its flight attendants deemed unsuitably dressed change their outfits or, in the case of one passenger, exit the plane.

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Editor’s Note: This looks like a case for WALK RIGHT!, an ad hoc group of vigilante sidewalk etiquette enforcers who, in 1984, led by Joseph Virgil Skaggs (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs), had had enough of the outrageous behavior exhibited by inconsiderate, unconscious, hostile pedestrians in New York City.

Joey Skaggs with his WALK RIGHT! Foot Soldiers

This Fascist group, dressed in all black with WALK RIGHT! sweat shirts published a petition that listed sixty six rules for pedestrians which they wanted to have enacted into law. The list included such regulations as: No risque clothing on obese people. All joggers must wear bras or jock straps. No short people with umbrellas unless held at minimum height of 5′ 10″.

Pedestrians who violated the sidewalk rules were to be fined and forced to attend a WALK RIGHT! sidewalk etiquette school. WOR TV Channel 9 News and CNN, walked right into WALK RIGHT!

Photo of Kyla Ebbert: The National Ledger