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Mask II, Ron Mueck

“Australian-born, London-based Ron Mueck is as enigmatic as his sculptures. From a distended baby, stuck to the wall crucifixion-style and bearing an unnervingly intelligent demeanor far beyond his age, to a smaller-than-life, sick old woman, who curls up in a fetal pose under a blanket, Mueck”™s works command an uncanny ability to amaze with obsessive surface detail and intense psychic discharge.” From The Progress Big Man A Conversation with Ron Mueck, Sculpture Magazine, July/August 2003. Check out the whole article and interview with Ron Mueck by Sarah Tanguy here.

Big Man & Boy, Ron Mueck

More photos follow and a link to a fantastic video follow.

In Bed & Two Women, Ron Mueck

This video (30:10), written and narrated by Colin Wiggins, documents the creation of Ron Mueck’s Pregnant Woman (2002) during his residency at The National Gallery, London.

Photos: 1) Mask II, 2) Untitled (Big Man), 3) Boy, 4) In Bed, 5) Two Women

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