Dog Meat Soup?

Is life imitating art or is the Municipal Corporation of Delhi councilor who suggested that they ship all their stray dogs to Korea where they could be eaten, just a prankster emulating Joey Skaggs’ 1994 Dog Meat Soup hoax?

MCD brainwave: send stray dogs to Korea
by Vibha Sharma
Hindustan Times
August 16, 2007

Joey Skaggs, Dog Meat Soup Hoax, 1994The Municipal Corporation of Delhi may lack ideas for improving civic amenities, but it surely has a whole lot of them when it comes to ending the menace of stray dogs in the Capital.

Speaking at a Standing Committee on Tuesday, the councilors came up with some real gems. Mohan Prashad Bharadwaj of Bankner village said he had read that Koreans are fond of dog meat. “Maybe we can send all the stray dogs of Delhi there,” he said.

Mira Aggarwal, BJP councilor from Kohat Enclave, wondered if there was any drug that could be administered to the stray dogs “so that they keep sleeping all day long and don”™t get in our way.”

Leader of the Opposition in the MCD JK Sharma expressed his desire to round up all the stray dogs and relocate them to some neighbouring state. “That way, Delhi can be saved,” she said, obviously not taking into account how the neighbour would react to canine consignments.

All the suggestions will eventually find their way into the minutes of the Standing Committee meeting. It was, however, not clear if chairman Vijender Kumar Gupta would pursue any of the suggestions. He directed the veterinary department to come up with its own blueprint on how to make Delhi free of stray dogs.