Toronto Culture Jammers Exhibition

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2007_08_14_adam_beck200.jpgHomemade Jam
by David Topping
August 14, 2007

This Thursday evening, some of Toronto’s finest culture jammers will descend on the Rivoli (334 Queen Street West) for GlobalAware’s take YOUR space!, an event that intends to “see how adbusts, culture jams, and reclaiming public space is indeed art in itself.”

To that end, the night will feature some fantastic local artists, like Torontoist’s very own Dan Bergeron (a.k.a. fauxreel)––you may be familiar with his work, be it an in-love Rosie and Donald, a not-in-love Kanye and Bush, a flexing Zanta, a pimped-out Adam Beck (pictured), or a nice and honest gas ad. Joining fauxreel in the spotlight will be Specter (who we interviewed back in June), Ian MacDonald, and Joel Black-Betty, and others.

The artists will also be joined by several performers, including Sara Marlowe; Mohammad Ali a.k.a. “The Brown Cassius”; Stacy Berenson; and Lila Rose and Herootz, who play “Social justice themed alt rock,” which means it will either be really cool or awful.

Admission is free, and while you can leave a donation, we’d suggest holding onto it to try to snag some of the art: the pieces on display will be up for sale by silent auction, with prints up for grabs as well. And if you disagree with culture jammers selling their wares, you could always just somehow culture jam the culture jamming show. That’d show ’em.

Photo by Dan Bergeron